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Ain-Diab Circuit
Ain-Diab Circuit — berkerunluer

33.5786˚, -7.6875˚

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33.5786, -7.6875
N33°34'42", W7°41'15"

Ain-Diab Circuit

The Ain-Diab Circuit was a Formula One road circuit built in 1957, southwest of Ain-Diab in Morocco, using the existing coast road and the main road from Casablanca to Azemmour.

The 7.618 km (4.734 mi) course was designed by the Royal Automobile Club of Morocco. It was given a full blessing from Sultan Mohammed V. It was built in only six weeks. The site hosted an non-championship F1 race in 1957. On 19 October 1958 the course was the venue for the Moroccan Grand Prix, the final round in the 1958 Formula One season. It was won by Stirling Moss driving a Vanwall, completing the 53 laps in 2h 09m 15.1s.

There was a terrible accident during the race. The engine on the Vanwall of Stuart Lewis-Evans seized up. The car spun and crashed. He was severely burned, and died in a hospital in England six days later.

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